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About Us


Brad grew up on Mulholland Drive, watching his cousin race a wide body 911, knowing that racing was in his future. He drove any car at top speed on Mulholland, including his mom's one ton 69 Chevy truck, before even receiving his driver's license. Brad's love for Porsches started at the age of 14. His first purchase was a Porsche 914 and he was hooked.  He's been driving Porsches ever since.


After that, he bought a 1972 911, converting it to a later model 911 SC look (which he would never do now). Next was a 1980 911 SC Targa that he converted to a 1980 930 Targa.

Brad is more old school and loves the style of the older 911's. In 2007, he found and bought a 1992 America Roadster, one of only 250 ever made which is now his street Porsche along with a 2011 Turbo S.

 When Brad first joined POC in 2009, after speaking with Marty, who was the previous long-time Chief Driving instructor for POC, Brad bought an 82 911 SC for his track car. It was a great starter car at 2600 lbs. As his track driving improved, more improvements to the car were made with more race modifications.

Brad went on to win the championship in JP for Cup Racing, Time Trials, and PDS, along with the Overall Points Championship in 2012. He moved up to the very competitive class of GT4 for 2013 after a complete change of the car. Then at 2300 lbs, and all new suspension, it was a new level of racing.

With more confidence and knowledge, Brad went on to win more awards in 2013, along with the Overall Points Championship for the 2nd year in a row. Winning the Overall Points Championship allowed Brad to have the "#1" as his car number for two years and Brad still races full time with POC. 

Brad eventually paired up with a well-known and respected Porsche Master Technician, Tyson Schmidt, they are fulfilling their dreams.

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