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PRO Motorsports specializes in Porsche performance.


Master technician, Tyson Schmidt has 28 years of experience to service all your Porsche needs.

Corner Balance & Alignment
A properly corner balanced car will ride better, have more predictable weight transfer, launch with more traction, and be more stable at high speeds.
A proper wheel alignment is crucial to enhance stability, tire wear and handling. We are properly equipped and extremely qualified to handle all types of alignments. 
Paint, Body & Car Wrap
Doing better quality work for a better price, leaving both our competitors and clients shocked and Impressed by how well we paint and wrap cars. We use state-of-the-art Premium Paint Booths located close by our shop that's specifically designed with sensational lighting, Contamination control and effective Overspray capture allowing a perfect and flawless finish. 
Engines & Transmission Rebuilds
We use state- of-the-art machinery to rebuild Transmission as well as Engine and have years of engine building experience. We use sterile and climate controlled environment for the most accurate measurements in order to get the best results and keep our customers satisfied. 
Specializing in Canyon and Performance driving. We make your Porsche be able drive as it was designed to; Fast and smooth. 
Custom Suspensions & Upgrades

Interested in purchasing your next Porsche? We can help!            Contact us for details

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